Tuesday, March 24, 2015


What is love?
I had no idea.
If you're asking 10 person, every each of them will give different answers.
My answers?
It's a secret. 
But what I know, love is complicated because if love was easy to get, there would be no divorces, breakups, abortions and many more.

"Love is blind"
Yes I agree.
Because you just don't care about their looks if you really love them.
You will accept them for who they are.
You just need to remember that people have flaws too.
If they're sensitive, messy, have dark dioramas, or whatsoever, just remember, there will always good in them. You just need to find them.
It's not about the popularity, academics , hot bikini bodies (well, if you get them, it's a bonus)
but its about the heart.

Love takes time.

You just can't force people to love you or like you.
Fyi, love and like are way different things okay. (note this guys)
This entry is actually my advices to all girls out there about love or relationships.
(I'm not a pro but hey at least right?)
These are based on my experience, books, friends and families.
(no copies please)

  1. For those who's really in love, but afraid to confess, just confess to him but make sure that HE IS WORTH TO GET not some random bad boys that you found on the street. 
  2. Do not over think about what he's going to react. Just confess and let go of your burden because you're keeping it so long. (don't think what he's going to react)
  3. If he rejects you, you should know that there's a lot more guys for you out there but God haven't send them yet.
  4. Be sad for a while (if he rejects you) but not too long and move on because at last he knows about your feelings and he's the one who should feel terrible because he just lost someone who loves him.

These words are my daily motivations.
Chin up girls.
Yes, I did get rejected one time.
Well, at least I know he's not for me right.

Like Ed Sheeran always says :

"If you're looking for a partner to fall in love with , fall in love with their eyes because eyes are the only parts that doesn't age. So if you fall in love with their eyes you'll be in love forever"

"People fall in love in mysterious way"

It seems legit and it's definitely true and please follow these advices.
And one more thing, never expect something that you're expecting because obviously , it will go other way round (believe me)

If you're expecting some good morning text, believe me , it's not going to be.
If you're expecting he apologies, suck it, he's not going to because of his big ego.
If you're expecting he's going to be serious to be with you, there's no way cause he never let you sees his parents or (admits to his friends that you guys had something special).
I know all this stuff based on people's stories , my own experiences (read my previous entries for more info) , my friends, my families, my siblings, my enemies, my rivals,

Simple tips :

  1. Never fall in love too fast (looking at the mirror for a while)
  2. If he looks good to you, know about his personalities first (you can see when he's with his friends , teachers , or based on how he wrote)
  3. You can see if he's giving clue if he likes you too but never got excited (maybe you're in one of his games)
  4. Never give hopes (harapan) on someone. Seriously, it was my biggest mistakes. So, don't do it.
  5. See his reactions if you're sulking.
  6. Get to know how big is his ego. If he's toooo ego, leave him for God sake . Let him feel the shits because of being too ego.
  7. If he's stuck to choose between you and another girl, leave him. His immaturity already shows that he can't make decisions. (ini namanya tamak)
  8. If he reply your text messages when he's playing game, that means he truly loves you.
  9. You need to know that they have other priorities. So if he's not replying, husnuzon la sikit (bersangka baik) , maybe his phone is still charging, studying, eating and many more.
  10. Let your insecurities out . But not too much
  11. If he's serious , he will let you to meet his parents and get to know each other (not by posting status on Facebook, that is childish)

Well, that's it (actually I can make into 100 list) but neh haha

Last quote,

"You can't force love. It's there or it isn't . If it's not there, you've got to able to admit it . If it's there. you've got to do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love"

The point is, you don't have to be worried.
Allah knows when you're ready.
Your 'zaujah' will come eventually ;)
This love thingy, is suitable as stories for future generations.
Because the real thing, you can't tell anyone or express.
But if you really in love, that's when you just can't stop smilling wherever you go, when you always think about someone in your heart.

"If a girl is in love, she can't stop smiling. If a guy is in love, he can't stop telling about his special one to his friends"

I promised to myself, never fall in love easily because I'm the one who get hurt in the end and not him.
When you're crying under your blanket, does he do the same?
No, right?
Meanwhile, he's with another girl seeking for love.
He's not worth it.

Just remember, if a guy cried because of you, he truly loves you.
Keep him because he's one in a million.

Should I continue to write about love ? I think I shall stop but we'll see :)

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