Sunday, April 12, 2015


This time entry, I'm not going to write about my life anymore.
I just felt that I've been exposing too much of my life.
So after this, it would be random stories or based on someone that I know.
Before this, it was my last entry about my stories.

I have this one story which started like this,

There are three person involved : X (boy) , Y (girl 1) , Z (girl 2)

One day (those typical one day) there is Y, who has a crush on X. 
X is quite famous and kind-hearted.
Y is really pretty and smartass whereas Z is just an ordinary girl (almost a potato like me)

So Y had a gut and texted X first.
She texted in a flirty way to X and said she wanted to know X better.
Well, it sounded desperate (yes it is and you wouldn't expect someone that is really quite and has low profile)

As a typical guy, who doesn't want to be with someone who is pretty and smart at the same time?

X and Y have been texting and calling almost everyday (some of their friends knew about this).
So it seems that X started to have feelings to Y too (who doesn't?)
They were playing love all this time and they walked from class together and sometimes they are seen together (dating)
It seems that everyone started to notice including Z.

All this while, Z was keeping to herself that she has a crush on X. 
But she decided to keep a secret and doesn't want to tell X cause she doesn't want to look desperate and she always said to herself that "girl can't confess to a guy because it looks desperate"

That's her daily motivation about love.

So one day, everyone was busybody to know what actually X and Y 's relationship.

Basically they said to their friends " we are just friends, nothing more"

Nobody believes that because they saw what happened in front of their eyes.

At the end of year, X suddenly said hey to Z.
Z was excited and she replied back with full of hopes.

So during the holiday , Z and X were kinda close and they were being flirty towards each other.
As a girl, Z was happy because she thought that the guy of her dream likes her back.
Z was in love.
 Really really in love with X but she didn't want to say it and she didn't want to admit that she's in love.

After the break, Z told her close friends that she had a thing with X.
Z didn't know it was her biggest mistake.
(Z regretted until now)

X was being denial that he has a thing with Z because he really likes Y.
X prefer Y more cause it will raise his social stairs since Y is really a top students and pretty.

While Z is completely nothing, completely invisible to X.

There was a fight, but X and Z completely doesn't want to meet each other because of their own big egos.
The both of them are egos.

Z really hates Y because Z never thought that a girl like Y would do such thing.
So Z labelled Y as whore, slut, desperate , bitch and etc.
It was true.
If Z doesn't like that someone, until forever she will not like that particular person.
That is Z.
Cause she's tired of forgiving peoples cause she knew people will make the same mistakes all over again.
What's the point of all that?

You know what, I suddenly feel tired and not in mood writing this story cause its fking long. So that's it.
I'm sorry guys.